May 2021

The Importance of Diversity in Patient Care

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Houston is known for many things: professional sports, the Space Center Houston, and energy, but it is also known for its diverse population. Two million residents live in the Houston metro area, and the makeup reflects the changing face of diversity in America -- more than 22% are Black and 45% Hispanic or Latino. WalletHub crowned Houston as the most diverse city in the United States for 2021. Although greater diversity is something to be celebrated, it does not always come along with equity. The gap for racial inequality with educational opportunities, income, and health care continues to grow. At [...]

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April 2021

When to Start Looking for Your Ideal Practice Opportunity

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Whether you’re looking for your first job after residency or you’ve decided it’s time to find a new opportunity, searching for employment is always a challenging task that requires research, personal reflection, and most importantly, patience. Factors such as demand, specialization, and financial considerations can all complicate the job market. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has created more challenges, especially for those just embarking on their physician careers. According to the AMA, job seekers are focused less on things like location or lifestyle; instead, they are more concerned about the opportunities their employer can offer them in the changing [...]

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February 2021

How to write a strong CV

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It is an all too familiar feeling of excitement and trepidation, after weeks or even months of job searching to finally press the submit application button. Unfortunately, for many new physicians, the hard work you put in may not translate into a good read. So, how does one grab attention from a recruiter who has already read a hundred applications? What makes a job seeker too attractive for an employer to pass up? While an application is numerous pieces working together, here we will choose to focus on one particularly significant piece, your CV. What is a CV? A [...]

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Questions to Ask Regarding Medical Malpractice Insurance

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What is a “Consent to Settle Clause”? How Does it Impact Me? Every individual currently searching or in possession of a medical malpractice insurance plan should be aware of the “Consent to Settle Clause.” This gives the owner of the plan the ability to decline their insurance agency from settling claims against them without proper consent. Malpractice suits can be born from a number of unique circumstances, so having the means to fight these cases not only protects your reputation but can give better peace of mind. Understanding the Feared “Hammer Clause” For those who do not know, hammer [...]

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May 2020

Mourning the Loss of Normalcy – Using Technology to Connect With Patients

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Being a healthcare professional during a pandemic is an unfamiliar and stressful circumstance. With the new social distancing rules in place, physicians all over the world have had to come up with patient care solutions. Many physicians have implemented Telemedicine to their daily patient care. Though it seems that implementing Telemedicine is the best solution given the situation, physicians and patients alike have mixed feelings. We asked an Outpatient Mental Health Clinician from Salem, MA, to share his experiences using Telemedicine during the Covid-19 Pandemic. He wishes to remain anonymous. I think about five weeks ago, it was incredibly [...]

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Avoiding Burnout by Practicing Self-Care

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Avoiding Burnout by Practicing Self-Care Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the world is expected to experience emotional trauma and symptoms of PTSD. This emotional stress can lead to burnout, a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. During these unforeseen times, physicians and other healthcare workers are working extremely hard to keep up with the demands of patients with or without Coronavirus. These demands increase their risk for burnout. What are the symptoms of burnout? Physical Symptoms of Burnout: Fatigue Change in appetite or sleep habits Headaches or muscle aches Lower immune system [...]

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